Martsons Food Corporation (MFC) in the production of Dried Tropical Fruits, a Martsons’ Philippine Islands Dried Fruits Brand is a world-class producer and exporter of preserved fruit products. Our entire team of management, manufacturing and quality control personnel are highly motivated and committed to deliver consistent products to the customers. Strict Quality Control is implemented from raw material to finished products in every step of the production to ensure quality dried fruits. Martsons Food Corporation is located in Davao City, Philippines and because of the favorable weather and fertile soil in Davao, this area produces the most abundant and the best tropical fruits in the Philippines. 

MFC is an accredited HACCP certified manufacturer and one of the first companies in the world to be certified to the new ISO 22000 by TUV, leader in quality assurance program. MFC is under the Kashruth certification of the CRC and Certified Kosher.

Food and Drug Administration Certified by the National Government as a proof of our licensure as food manufacturer. MFC is certified HALAL by Mindanao Halal Authority Inc. and approved Halal Assurance System.


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